'Racheal Ray Show' Features 7 Time Lotto Winner - You Have to See This...

This Guy Didn't Win Once... But 7 Times.. UNREAL Story

When Richard Lustig won his first jackpot, people thought it was a fluke... but then he won 2, 3, and 4 more times.

Still people were skeptical.. saying it was just blind luck and he was "lucky"

But after wins #5, #6, and #7 lotto commissions and people all over the USA started to investigate and really listen to this guy. Even Rachael Ray’s show and Ripley's Believe it Or Not came to visit him to see what he was doing to consistently win.

He actually invites the public to follow his same method he has used for years to win.

Because his lottery number picking method only required one simple math formula.

The public was convinced that he must have been cheating and it’s hard to blame them

when most of us are dying to win the jackpot just once in our lifetime.

Seriously, how did this guy manage to do win 7 times when most can't even win once?

As you’ll learn in this short video, he is not the only one.

All across the country, in every state, there is a select group of people who have cracked the lotto code to win 5, 10 or even as many as 35 separate lottery draws!

What makes them so lucky? Well, it’s not luck at all… It’s simple math.

The only thing these repeat lottery winners have in common is the formula they use to pick their winning numbers.

You can learn all about this formula—and how to use it—in this short video presentation.

I just started using it in May, and I’ve already won two lottery draws to win thousands.

And I don’t plan on stopping here.

That’s what’s so exciting about Mr. Lustig’s formula… It works over and over again, for every game out there.

So whether you play Mega Millions, Powerball or Pick 3… this formula will make you a winner.

Of course, we don’t want EVERYONE to be a winner… then there’d be no lottery to play! That’s why you are one of a very select few who have been chosen to see this.

I repeat: This video is FOR YOUR EYES ONLY.

But you have to act now…only you have access for a limited time before we give the opportunity to someone who will take advantage of it.

Don't miss your chance to crack the lottery code

Richard Lustig

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